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5520 Protection Panel

APOC® 5520 Protection Panels are a tough, durable, protective cover designed to protect the various membrane waterproofing systems found in construction today. APOC® Protection Panels offer superior protection not found in fibrous type products that eventually rot, warp, or decompose. While not intended as a waterproofing membrane APOC® Protection Panels consist of a core of air blown asphalt and mineral fiber which is covered on both sides with a flexible inorganic fiberglass mat. The result is a moldable, water repellent panel that will not shrink or decay. Use to protect vertical wall membrane from damage during backfilling. Panels are also used on horizontal surfaces to protect waterproofing membrane from job site foot traffic. Typically used to protect membranes which have been installed on plaza decks, tunnels, bridges, foundation walls, planters and green roofs.

manufacturer: Apoc